Máy hàn laser LM-DV

Máy hàn laser LM-DV

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Mô tả

Hih precision Nd:Yag welding system: easyness of use, reduced maintenence and long lasting duration of the lamp are some of the characteristics of this machine combined with a soft and attractive design.

– High peak power
– Programmable pulse shape
– Supplier of protection gas
– Supplier of cooling air
– Integrated exhaust fan
– Easy maintenance
– Deionizing additional filter supplied as standard
– 24 months warranty (flash lamp included)
– Remote assistance functions for the remote control of the machine

– Patented “syncro view” system for the vision of the process which remains fluid and stress-less even during the welding phase removing the operator discomfort caused by the high light emission as well as by the intermittance of the images linked to the traditional LCD shutter’s closure
– Possibility to select among many crosshair reticules
– Remote assistance functions for the remote control of the machine


LM-DV 60 LM-DV 100 LM-DV 130
Awerage power 60W 80W 85W
Peak pulse power 7,5KW 9KW 10,5KW
Pulse energy 90J 110J 130J
Pulse duration 0,3-30 ms
Pulse frequency 0-50 Hz
Welding spot diameter 0,2-2 mm (0,1 m optional)


Focus adjustment Motorized
Pulse Shape 8 pre-set
Programmingmemory Up to 250
Vision system Touchscreen 10,1″ + HD camera
Chamber illumination LED
Cooling Water/Air
Fume extraction Integrated
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz 1Ph
Dimensions (W x D x H) 54 x 69 x 60 cm
Weight 52 Kg